Chubb (Yale) 8K116 Multi-p


 The Chubb (Yale) 8K116 Multi-Purpose Bolt. This Product has been rebranded to Yale 8k116.Suitable for securing metal sliding doors, hinged doors and wooden doors by means of the steel locking bar, hinged and sliding doors. A key differing process releases the bar from the frame.  *Fitting only in London.*

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Packaging : Visipack
Size : 82mm x 29mm x 26mm
Package Contence : 1 Complete Lock + 2 Keys
Finish : White or Brown
Brand : Yale

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  • Chubb (Yale) 8K116 Multi-Purpose Bolt:  The Multi-purpose bolt is used for a wide variety of metal or wooden doors, whether they are slide or push operated. The bolt can be locked using a key, of which two are supplied with the product.