Secure payment

Our secure payment with SSL

Payment by Credit Card is very simple. Please have your card handy, we will require the credit card number (in the front) and expiration date on the back, you'll find your verification code (CVV2) required for payment.

All sensitive information is handled securely in encrypted form to guarantee a full security process of your purchase

Reservation, how does it work?

We do not draw the amount directly from the card but will make only one reservation on the amount ordered. This means that we simply can release the reservation if you regret your purchase - it can sometimes take a few days before it appears on your statement.

We reserve the right to make the controls connected to the card transaction in which we find it necessary, including refusing to supply without additional justification if it is not possible to verify the card information.


We also receive payment via paypal from verified users and via Bank transfer for local transactions in the UK