Safe YFM 310 FG2 Fire



Tony Andrews safe boxes not only have attractive look but also have great reputation for security from robbery or theft. Our safe boxes are water and fire proof so you can use them in House and Business purpose without any hesitation. Another special feature is its electronic lock with digital key pad which is very easy to use. It is durable and portable also.

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Safe Y MS0000NFP Home (£1000)

• 1,000 ºC 
60 minutes
• 1 Year 
Limited Warranty
• £2,000 
Cash Rating
• £20,000 
Valuables Rating


Model External (mm) Internal (mm) Weight Fire rating
L17446 308x410x342 220x330x225 26Kg 60 minutes


• State-of-the-art digital touchpad

• 1 billion+ digital combinations

• Tested to Yale Global Standards

• One time access code

• Silent input option

• 1 to 48 hours total lockdown mode to deny access

• Resettable 4-12 digital user code

• 9V for emergency battery capability

• Low battery alarm signal

• Time lock when wrong code is inserted