Chubb (Union) AVA 4L67E Nightlatch - British Standards


The Chubb 4L67E lock is one of a few British Standard night latches and includes an automatic deadlock. It's providing suitability with high security. High security features in the design include drill, saw, pick and torque resistance and an internal lockable handle. * Supply and fit only in London, UK.

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Data sheet

Packaging : Visipack
Package Contence : 1 Complete Lock + 3 Keys
Finish : Brasslux
Mechanism : 10 Disk AVA Cylinder
Case Width : 85mm
Backset : 60mm
Case Height : 70mm
Case Depth : 27mm
Handle Projection : 22mm

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It is particularly designed for inward opening doors. This lock is designed to withstand drill attacks through hardened steel plates and pins. It functions through the use of a key on the exterior, and by a latch on the inside of the door. Particularly popular in N8; it includes anti-drill, anti-saw, anti-pick and anti-torque resistance.


This Product Has Now Been Rebranded The Union 4L67E