Shanghai Safe Deposit Boxes


  • A range of great value Safe Deposit Boxes suitable for both Safe Deposit Centres and Hotels
  • Simple and cost effective dual key system (UL listed lock used as standard)
  • Door is made from 10mm thick aluminium alloy and finished with a stainless steel facia plate

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  • Body is made from 1.2mm thick cold rolled steel
  • Optional bases, pull out tables and spacers
  • All boxes are numbered as standard
  • Inner boxes supplied as standard (0.5mm lightweight steel)
  • Inner boxes have a hasp and staple for customer’s own padlock
  • Padlocks can be supplied on request
  • Additional locks and keys are available on request
  • Key engraving available on request
Compartments per unitSSDBB 42SSDBB 24SSDBB 21SSDBB 12
Compartments (HWmm) 76x125 125x125 76x254 125x254
Configuration of Boxes (HW) 7x6 4x6 7x3 4x3
Total size (HWDmm) 565x826x610 565x826x610 565x826x610 565x826x610
Compartments per unitSSDBB 9SSDBB 6TableSpacerBase
Compartments (HWmm) 125x254+254x254 254x254 - - -
Configuration of Boxes (HW) 2x3+1x3 2x3 - - -
Total size (HWDmm) 565x826x610 565x826x610 500x30(WxH) 75(H) 75(H)


"We offer Safe installations at great prices. Please contact us at 0208 444 5454 for more information"